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When we decided to create a movement in the Action Sports Industry, we hand picked a wide variety of enthusiasts to prove our principles work for anyone serious in reaching their Action Sports goals. From professionals to weekend warriors, and "tech savvy" to "old school".

Cristian Solarte - Drifting

Tom Pearce - Enduro/Trials

TJ Leach - Snowmobile/MTB

Ben Cornali - Snowmobile/MTB

Kevin Hazenburg - Moto Enthusiast

Dave Nourie - Freestyle BMX

Austin Becker - Backcountry Sledder

Dustin Martinez - PBR Bull Rider

Tony Huang - Downhill MTB

Lane Hillman - RMSHA Hillclimb

Stefan Kharoufa - Moto Enthusiast

Samantha Young - Enduro Racer

Jacob Wells - Backcountry Sledder

Tim Huser - SXS

Tim Hair - Enduro/Snowbike

Chris Basler - Backcountry Sledder

The Action Sports CLUB


Here are some of the comments that have been flowing inside of The Action Sports Club network. Our membership and information has been responsible for HUNDREDS of new sponsorship deals for our members... We asked them to share a WIN they have had since joining. Take a look!

Written reviews

From some of the Founding Members of The Action Sports Club private clients...


" Hey ASC! I joined the ASC family late last Spring and was lucky enough to participate in the original Acceleration Program over the summer. Life changing for sure! By participating in this program, I have gained a whole new outlook and vision! I'd be happy to talk to any of you about it if you want more details, but let's just say I have grown my social audience by 100% and improved my sponsorship contracts in a way I never even thought possible as being just an enthusiast."


" I'm one of the founding members here in the ASC, let me tell you. its truly something special. its so awesome to see this group grow! I took the initiative and signed up for the first Accelerator program. it truly changed my outlook on sponsorships and how to be an athlete that stands out among the rest. not just by talent, but by knowing how to provide for sponsors even MORE than they ask for. It opened my eyes to knowing whats possible being an action sports athlete. my socials have grown immensely after this training, and continue to grow every day. I'm currently sponsored by 509, Leatt, Backwoods BMP, VO Gloves, Freshies Built, Spy Optic, GoPro, and my local Skidoo dealer Gull Boats and RV. "



" The first milestone has been hit! 1000 And thank you to all the people who have made this Club a reality! The Monday lives and the Accelerator program really steered me in the right direction of how to grow an audience.

If you want pursue your dream or passion, whatever it may be. Invest in yourself and do the program when it comes out. Not only do you learn about marketing, sponsorships and leverage social media, but you also learn about yourself. I 100% feel like i leveled up as a person after the program! "

Austin L Jacobs

" I now have 900 youtube SUBSCRIBERS and almost 1 MILLION views to add to the profile!

Just want to tell everyone that if you want something bad enough you can get it with consistency, patience, passion, and a never give up attitude and obviously groups like these. So here is a shoutout to The Action Sports Club, Aaron Fraser & the whole ASC Accelerator Pro members for all your support, value, and good vibes! "

Jon Beitelspacher

" CrayZboyZridingco and I are Super Stoked to announce that we will be working with Factory Effex for the 2022 season )4 thanks to Aaron Fraser and everybody at The Action Sports Club for making my life goals possible! Watch the live calls. Do what Aaron and the team teach you, it works! "

Matt Kingsmill

" I am a founding member and a graduate of the First Accelerator Program and all I can say is wow what a game changer. I met an amazing group of individuals who are all on their own journey in action sports and its an awesome thing to be apart of. On top of that we learned many skills that are transferable to all areas of life including landing true sponsors and a chance of doing what we love for a Living ! "

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Driving Attention To The Action Sports Industry Is What We Do, Helping Athletes and Enthusiasts Land Sponsorships And Get Paid Through Their Sport Is Who We Are.

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