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Cut costs. Get paid.

maximize your throttle-therapy.

We Help Enthusiasts Like You Spend More Time Riding & Driving By Reducing Your Costs And Getting Paid Through Your Sport. Whether You Are A Professional Competitor Or Simply A Weekend-Warrior, We Got You Covered.

We Get It… You Want More Out Of Your Sport

You’re itching to get more out of your passion. The adrenaline rush, the unmatched views, the feeling of one-ness we get when everything flows the way we imagined.

Let’s face it… Between us, can you really ever get “too much” seat time?

It’s most likely due to lack of funding, time, and effective support so we can rank up in your racing circuit or book that extra week off for the shred-cation with our buddies.

We know… We’ve been there.

Most of us get caught up in the thought that we aren’t talented enough to get backing from brands, or simply don’t know how we can actually fund our passion unless we are one of the top dogs in our sport.

You’re about to discover that isn’t the truth…

I mean, some of us even go as far as to write up a resume and put it on blast only to hear crickets, or get some basic reply for a discount on the old stuff they couldn’t sell last season.

So if any of this hits home, then keep reading because our club is perfect for you.

There Is A Better Way, And It’s Been Kept Quiet Until Now

There Is A Better Way,

And It’s Been Kept Quiet Until Now

And the best part is you have almost everything you need to completely transform your ability to get out and enjoy your sport more…

The only missing link is knowledge.

Cut Your Expenses

Leverage your sport for tax advantages so you can cut costs right away.

Revenue Streams

Get paid through 5+ different ways so you aren’t limited to payouts from brands.


Drive massive amounts of attention to what you do so they reach out to you.

You’re going to ride & drive fast things until you die, right? Or at least be involved in your sport at some level for the rest of your life…

So doesn’t it make sense to apply some tweaks and adjustments around what you are already doing so you can get paid for it?

Our Students Are Making It Happen Daily

Our Students Are

Making It Happen Daily

  • Alex Hanson

    @sledfarm -Cinematographer & Sledder Before I thought it was only about creating compelling content, but now I’ve been consistently reaching over 100K people a week and steadily growing my film brand. I want to thank Aaron and the ASC team for making me a better marketer and showing me how to deal with creative content for clients and big brands.
  • Dawson Allington

    @DawsonAllington4595 - King of the Hammers When I learned about the ASC, I felt this was the “big break” I’ve been looking for. I now have film companies flying to me to share my story, and after having a single piece of content reach over 1.9M people and counting, I am even getting paid just to post about what I love! This never would have happened without you guys, so thank you!
  • Tim Craig

    @TimCraigRacing - UTV Enthusiast If you are contemplating becoming a member, stop! Not only is it an amazing community, but it’s opened serious doors for me. Since joining, I have landed over $2,500 in equipment for my UTV, a major parts deal including $5,000 cash from a large parts supplier, and joined the Monster Energy program!
  • Cathy Lam

    @cathylam.moto - Street Bikes I landed a partnership with an expedition company where I am creating content and supporting with guiding. Literally a dream where I am being paid to travel and ride, and we are just getting started! I feel blessed to be in this community, and I can’t thank you and the team enough!
  • Dustin Martinez

    @dustin.martinez.5 - PBR Bull Rider Being a bull rider, I wasn’t sure if the ASC was the right fit at first, but quickly realized you guys know your stuff! Within 4 months of learning from you guys, I’ve landed over $8K in deals, with many more in the pipeline. Exceeded expectations, you did not disappoint!



Simply click "Request Your Invite!" located on this page, enter your name, number and your main Action Sport. We will review your request and send you access to our exclusive portal.



Log into your members portal and fill out the short background questionnaire. Our team will then reach out and develop a custom game plan to fit your goals within action sports.



Take action on your game plan, network with our community, and apply what you learn so you can land sponsorships and do what we enjoy most...ride!



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Last Updated Jan 2024… And Growing Every Day

What Most People Do vs What Our Students Do

I’ll let you decide which one looks better…

There Is A Reason Our Members Get Results

Because this ain’t our first “rodeo”...

We have been there and done it ourselves with over 52 years of sponsorship experience either working with brands ourselves or running factory teams in motorsports, and over 55 years of marketing experience combined with our internal team.

Not to mention we are the only company on the planet that offers these solutions to our industry.

No more guesswork, No more daydreaming, No more uncertainty, Just results.

We Have Solutions

For Athletes and Enthusiasts

Of All Stages

The Action

Sports Guide

A value-packed guide crafted for motorsport & extreme sport enthusiasts eager to learn how to transform their adrenaline-fueled passions into profit… without selling out, needing to be the best in the world, or having to rely on "getting noticed" by a sponsoring company.

It's a roadmap to monetizing your action sports passion, even if you're not hitting the pro circuits.



Our private community full of shredders looking to level up in their sport and get the “Throttle-Therapy” they deserve.

An active place to network with riders & drivers all across North America and even get recruited by companies looking for their next partnership.

Connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and participate in live weekly calls with the Founder to take your mindset and your brand to the next level.



Our entry level digital program with over 20 lessons to lay out a bomb-proof foundation to build your personal action sports brand.

Take your knowledge from 0 to landing your first ever brand deals, and having digital assets secured and in place.

Walk out of this program knowing exactly how to create the right content and where to focus your attention to get cash flow applying your new set of skills.



Our premium 12 week experience packed with the frameworks, lessons, and live coaching to accelerate your results as a brand within your sport.

Come out the other side with complete clarity on how to land full rides, cash deals, and results to show for it.

You’ll know exactly what your audience is worth, how to show your value to brands, create win/win deals, and become a real name in your industry.



Work exclusively with Aaron and his team to build, optimize, and scale your brand and business.

Reserved for graduates of the Acceleration Program

One Thing Is For Sure, There Isn’t A Lack Of “STOKE” With Our Members

One Thing Is For Sure, There Isn’t A Lack Of “STOKE” With Our Members

We get messages, tagged posts, and videos sent almost daily like these of lives being changed for the better

If That Ain’t Enough Evidence, We Dunno What To Tell Ya…

…Other than everything we offer is fully guaranteed!

When it comes to our physical products and digital courses, guarantee you will be stoked or your money back.

That’s how confident we are that you will be blown away.

And when it comes to our hands-on coaching, we will work with you until you are. When you win, we win.

So what are you waiting for?

Hear It Straight

From The Founder

Hear It Straight

From The Founder

So let me be straight with you here. The clock is ticking…

Every moment wasted is taking away from your future self that will be thanking you.

I know that sounds cliché, but it's the truth.

I see riders and drivers out there struggling to land real sponsorships and just blasting resumés out with no real direction, with the hopes they get lucky.

And even if they do, still having no idea exactly what they should be doing to expand those relationships or even know if that deal will be available next year.

...But not only that,

Thinking that sponsorship is literally the ONLY way they can one day cut costs or actually get paid through their sport.

The world is different now…

The ability to earn through your sport has turned upside down since I was a professional racer.

The pain I suffered through 12 years of depression when I had to hand over my racing career is an experience I wish on nobody…

It's 12 years I will never get back, and it is the core reason why I developed The Action Sports Club.

I want you to capitalize on what I have learned over the years and grow a relationship with you so I can help you get as much as what we all deserve most…

More Throttle-Therapy

And believe me, I get it. It's tough to trust the internet these days...

So that’s why I am not asking you to pull out your credit card before we even get to know each other.

Just simply request your invite, our team will reach out and get to know you, even offer a quick game plan to you so you know what would be the best path to continue your journey with us for years to come.

If they feel like one of our programs or coaching would be a win/win, they will get you all the information you need to make the best decision for you.

And in the end, if you don't get any value, I don't want your money...

And you can even keep the information you learned!

The reality is, I am doing this in order to build trust with you and show you we can help.

My goal is to reduce any risk and absolutely over-deliver so that you will want to continue working with me and my highly skilled team.

We need to make money just like every other company out there, and we count on you taking us up on our extra tools, training, and courses that you will be offered if you are a good fit for them.

But are we gonna hold a gun to your head?

Nope. No hard sales tactics here.

In the end, I believe in putting my reputation first over everything.

And to do that, you need to be stoked.


Click the button below to Request Your Invite and join the movement and community of riders & drivers like yourself in the action sport world.

You'll be happy you did!


Why does The Action Sports Club exist?

Our mission is to increase stoke and exposure for the action sports industry, and we believe the best way to do so is by empowering the riders that are the grassroots of it.

What do you guys do?

We educate riders of all skill levels on how sponsorship works, the most leveraged ways to build sponsorship relationships, and how to get paid through your passion for riding from sponsorship relationships and beyond.

Who is The Action Sports Club for?

We work with Motorsport, Extreme Sport, and Action Sport athletes & enthusiasts from top tier professionals to the beginner "weekend-warrior". As long as you have a passion for riding and actively participate in your sport of choice, we can help you spend more time doing it.

How do you guys make money?

Mainly from our private programs and consulting that we offer to club members that qualify. We also have beginner courses, live events, brand deals of our own, and soon merchandise! We are always expanding our products and services and practicing what we preach.

How do I know if this is for me?

Great Question! It is for any enthusiast looking to get more seat time or ride time in their sport. Unaware how to grow a REAL audience and community online and offline? Not sure how to land sponsorships? Don’t know how to expand existing deals into better ones? Unsure what your current audience or brand is worth? Have an action sports business that could use more customers and sales? Looking to take your already established brand into a more valuable asset? If you said “YES” to any of these questions, The Action Sports Club is for you.

What happens when I “Request My Invite”?

Once you fill out the short form you will be directed to our Foundations Training (Free), and shortly after our team will reach out to you via text to ask you a few questions to make sure you are a good fit. If you are, they will set up a time to speak with you over the phone to understand your goals and problems, get you plugged into our private community of shredders, and send you more resources depending on what you discover together. From there, it’s time to level up!

Can I join on behalf of my kids or race team?

Absolutely! What you will learn will be exponentially valuable to help build your kids or race teams brand, and they will definitely thank you later! (And probably ask for a referral if you’re willing to share the goods!)

Can I just buy the programs now?

Not until you speak with our team, and for good reason. We are very specific on who we work with because we want to make sure we will vibe well together, and we want to ensure you have everything you need to be successful with what we offer. So request your invite and let’s get it poppin’.

Start Your Action Sports Journey With Us Today

Driving Attention To The Action Sports Industry Is What We Do, Helping Athletes and Enthusiasts Land Sponsorships And Get Paid Through Their Sport Is Who We Are.

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